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Talaudyong Getaway

Talaudyong Getaway

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It has been many times we visited the area by motorcycle or by car. Talaudyong is one of our getaway for scenery and ocean view. It is located 16 km from the main road of Brgy. Bacungan. From the city, Barangay Bacungan  is around 20 kilometer marker. Going to Talaudyong and Nagtabon Beach is on the left right where the school is and don’t get confused with the 3 roads. Take the far right road that will lead you to Nagtabon Beach and Small village of Talaudyong.

The paved road will end 2 kilometers before the small fisherman village. Which means 2 kilometers left unpaved. The small fisherman village called Talaudyong, it has few houses of fisherman close to the ocean and some live in the boondocks. Their main source of income is fishing.

We had a chance to talked to one of the fisherman in the village- they usually go to the ocean at around 2 am and come back around 8 to 9 am. When weather is good they can earn as much as P1,000 a day or more.

We find charm in the village, the fine white sand, serene environment and the green mountains atop. Though there are not much to see around, the place is good for swimming and the best place to escape.

Early morning, before or at the time fisherman is back from fishing is the best time to be there. You can see their catch for the day and don’t forget to buy some for your meal.

There is a cottage where you can relax for P200 a day. There you can grill  fresh fish and swim to the ocean as much as you want.

The best spot is the overlooking of Nagtabon Beach, located at the top of the hill. You will be  watching the ocean or watching sunset in this place. Lately they put up small huts around and a small canteen. It says with entrance fee but when we ask the in-charge how much is the entrance he said, they will accept donation only. Well, back then there is nothing in it. You can just look around for free and take pictures.

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Nagtabon Beach

In your way back home either you are from Talaudyong or Nagtabon Beach you must stop again to the overlooking view of Natagbon Beach you might catch a good sunset when weather permits.



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