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Renting Motorcycle

Renting Motorcycle

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There are quiet few motorcycle rentals in town. Most of the foreigners who visited or planning to retire in Palawan consider renting motorcycle first before buying vehicle. Riding motorcycle is by far the easiest way to go  around Puerto Princesa or Palawan Island as long as you know how to drive motorcycle. Almost of the roads are paved except other distant barangay whose road construction is still on going. But for the main highway 90-95% are all done.

Rental fee for motorcycle will depend on the peak season. But they are usually ranging from 250-800 per day. The longer you rent them the lower the price. You maybe required to deposit certain amount of money.

You can rent motorcycle for months, you just bring the motorcycle to the rentals for certain days for checkup and maintenance. Doing so, rental fee is much lesser compared to renting it daily.

Before you consider renting a motorcycle, you better watch video or read other article on how to drive around the Philippines.

With your motorcycle, you can go as far as El Nido, San Vicente, and Port Barton in the North side and to Brooke’s Point, Quezon and Rizal towns in the South side. We are talking here a long distance travel now that you need to plan ahead.

Another thing, you can ride your motorcycle as far as you go and estimate your time to come back to where you stay before dark.

Riding motorcycle around is the best way to explore Palawan. In our experience, sometimes we see wild monkeys playing in the road or different butterflies and birds and be amazed with big old trees in the forest.

During rainy season, always bring with you your rain suit to keep you dry.

Be careful in a zigzag road all the time.


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