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How did we come up the name of the website?

Here is our story…

We had never been to Palawan before we came up with the name of the website. It was through research on the internet that we knew about the place. Though neither of us had ever set foot on the island, we claimed the place to be our next retirement destination. Since it has been called the last frontier, the number one island in the world, we wanted to have a piece of it….so was born.

After many years we decided to stop working in the trucking industry in the US. We packed all our things and put them into Balikbayan Boxes and sent it to Bukidnon for the time being, since we don’t have contact yet in Palawan.

To make the story short, we arrived Philippines December 15, 2015, landed in Cebu, stayed 2 days and proceeded to Bukidnon to celebrate Christmas – then we proceeded to Palawan on December 30, 2015, two days before the end of the year.

Since then, we have settled in Puerto Princesa Palawan and we are loving it.

Well, the road we travelled to where we are right now will be posted in the series of blog and this is what Palawan Last Frontier on Earth is all about.

This website is your gateway to Palawan Island, Philippines. For some reasons, the road we took or our expedition for that matter will not be the same as yours but hopefully ours will give you some tidbits on your plan to visit or to live permanently to the awesome place Palawan Island.

Palawan Last Frontier On Earth

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